About Luís Câmara
Luís CâmaraMy Forever Unfinished, Passioning and Demanding Mission as an Amateur Photographer:

/ See the Whole on Everyone and Everything that surround us in this Amazing Planet /

/ Stop the Time and see beyond it /

/ Feel and “Listen” the Essence of the Moment in its overwhelming Silence /

/Eternize the unrepeatable //
Favorits: Authors
  • Red/Benjamim Leandro de Medeiros
  • Pessoa N Beat
  • Filipe P Neto
  • Filipe Correia
  • Rui Palha
  • Mathieu Testa
  • joãozero .
  • K|K Carlos Costa
  • carlos lopes franco
Favorits: Photos
  • Peppermint Parade
  • Here Before
  • Childhood Running
  • Fiction
  • Campus
  • @
  • la giusta via
  • UFO
  • O fundo dos bancos!
  • A última ascensão!
  • Tender balloons!
  • Pequenos,mas de grandes coisas
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